120a FVT Problems [NEED HELP]

Alright so while trying to program my ESC it randomly disconnected and the light on the esc became dimmer with both green and red lights on. I decided to disconnect everything to check if anything was wrong and reconnect it back together. My programming software couldn’t detect the ESC anymore. I tried connecting the ESC back to my motor and tried turning it on, Everything sounded and looked fine, although it didnt beep like it used to after turning it on or when I pull the throttle on my transmitter (Remote).

I have no clue what to do and I already spent a lot of money on my build and would hate resorting to spend more.If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated thank you.

What do you mean it randomly disconnected? How much battery were you giving it at the time you were programming it? Did you happen to disconnect motor wire while it was powered up?

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Did u sucesfully flash new firmware? I did it last night and the motors does not beep upon power. Does the motor spin when u give it throttle?

To me it sounds like the firmware was flashed improperly.

I had everything connected, it was recognized by the program and tried sending it settings then it disconnected.I had it running on just balanced charged 3s 5000mah batteries and had it disconnected to the motor system.

This might be the case. The motor does not spin. How did you fix it?

Did you manage to fix this problem? I’m experiencing the same problem now. Co.outer shutdown while flashing firmware onto the esc =/