12mm belts for enertion pulley/motor mount setup

I purchased 12mm x 280mm belts from TB thinking they would work fine for my Enertion set up, but they are too long. Does anyone have 12mm Enertion belts they don’t use anymore or know of anyone that sells the correct length belts for my Enertion pulley & motor mount?

Figure out how long it needs to be and order “synchronous timing belts” from vbeltsupply.com

For example, a “250-5M-15 synchronous timing belt” is 250mm long, 5mm tooth pitch, and 15mm wide. And 250/5 = 50 teeth.


I used 265-5M-12 on my enertion pullies btw Vbelt supply is nice but make sure you stock up cause they will rape you with shipping.


lol. amazon is the plug for belts https://www.amazon.com/PowerDrive-265-5M-12-Timing-Belt/dp/B07BRZRXHF/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1523480974&sr=8-3&keywords=265-5m-12

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I might need to get assaulted AGAIN. Hopefully the belts @mmaner is sending me will fit these idler adjusted mounts. I’ve got plenty of belts that are too long now


Your the bomb dude. Amazon is my best-est friend!


Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I will send back the TB belts and exchange for 15mm for my new build!

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@LAVAMAN you probably want 265mm.

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