12mm belts options (In US, longer than standard)

So i’ve ordered the usual lengths in 9mm and 15mm from my preferred vendors - typically polybelt.com in the US (east coast but fast/inexpensive shipping).

The only supplier i’m aware of that does more than the “standard” lengths from DIYes and Enertion (265/280 usually) - is beltingonline in the UK. Great option but $$ compared to polybelt.

Are there any other suppliers you are aware of that are:

  1. in the US
  2. more inexpensive than beltingonline

I have no issue ordering online from outside the US, but just don’t want to pay an arm and leg shipping…

looking at beltingonline - their 305mm belt is only 3.31GBP ($4.28), but least expensive shipping is 25GBP ($32!). I usually get 3 or 4 belts when stocking up, which makes it slightly more doable, but still $$$ shipping. (compared to most belts at polybelt are ~$6 and ~$6-8 shipping via fast USPS). Getting 3-4 belts then is just a few bucks to ship in comparison.

I’m using the bbman calculator with measured axle distances CtC, so hope the 305mm belt is correct! Right now i can get dual 9mm setup easy, or 15mm, but not sure if 15mm will fit dual.

Option D if i cannot find a relatively reasonable 12mm option - how difficult is it to cut down a 15mm to 12mm?

I did a quick search - didn’t see any hits on suppliers. Appreciate any info/suggestions!

I get my 12mm’s from vbelt supply, specifically in 280-5m-12 and 265-5m-12

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Thanks @Jinra! I vaguely recall vbelt supply being mentioned. I checked and the same belt is ~$5, and getting a few was about $12 shipping. very reasonable. Thank you Sir!

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I just got 6 9mm wide belts 285mm from https://www.vbeltguys.com Usps shipping for a 6.95 flat rate, and belts were 3.60 a pop. So far they are lasting very well!


I got 280mm from them about a week ago. They do have the cheapest. 6.95 flat rate. Got 5 belts for $28 with shipping.


These guys do a range of sizes. Think I paid $20 something for 10 including shipping to NZ

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Great options all! I’ll check out the vbeltguys next, and aliexpress as well.

Great to have these links in one thread - hope this helps the next person find some 12mm belts in longer lengths.

Just so folks understand the challenge - running a 15/40 setup (i like to gear low for less top speed and better hills), with motor/axle CtC for these mounts i measured:

Enertion blue/CF mount - CtC of 66-76mm - midpoint 71mm = 295 belt KorryH mount CtC of 66-77 - same as Enertion DIYes v4 - 60-75mm (67mm midpoint) = 280 belt a no-name mount i’m testing - CtC 80mm = 305 belt

I have an older DIYes v2 mount as well i’ll measure and add. These are my measured CtC, and you can run them shorter or longer in their adjustment if needed (typically for clearance on your deck/truck/enclosure). Or you can recalculate belts with bbman’s belt length calculator with more standard gearing like 15/36.

Good info to have and have for the next person who actually searches!

Thanks again all!