12mm vs. 15mm HTD 5M belt setup?


Whats the difference between running a 12mm belt/pulley setup and a 15 mm ? Obvious 15mm is stronger, but what about top speed and torque ? Will i noticed any difference on a single motor setup 6s with 83mm wheels ??

Wider belt gives also more drag , I used 9mm and they break often. Now I’m using 12mm with the same set up and they still unchanged for 500km+ in dual 6355 and 110 kilo rider. I think happy medium “12” rocks. Maybe for a single is different, never tried. Good luck!!

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I concur that 12mm is a great sweet spot for belt size. 15s work and you can mitigate drag by loosening the belt, but 12s are a more elegant solution imo

So 12mm is what most people would run ?

It’s up to you, honestly any size belts 9/12/15 would work in dual setup, but if you’re running single, i wouldn’t go smaller than 12

Thats why i thought that 15mm was the way to go. But afterwards i was thinking if 15mm was going to take a little power, and maybe a little more battery life ?

The power consumption between belt sizes is minimal. Even belt tightness makes more of an effect.

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Just to chime in here… I’ve only ever run single motor setups, using a 9mm on one and the rest 12mm belts. This probably has to do with the quality of the belt, however my 9mm belt has never broken or given me any difficulty (after 1 full year of use), whereas my 12mm belts have broken a few times. I’m aware that my case is very odd given that 9mm should break quickly when running 12s single on a high speed setup however my ride style is quite mellow compared to others. To sum things up: my 9mm single drive is amazing, however my case is unique - I would advise listening to the others and going with a happy 12mm

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But i don`t understand. If there is not much of a difference if anything at all, between 12 mm vs. 15 in power loss, then why do most people run 12mm. I just ordered a complete 15mm drive chain, to me it makes more sense, with a “stronger” belt, on a single motor setup, if im not losing power anyway

from what I know, 15mm creates a slight amount of drag which makes the system ever-so-slightly less efficient - not a big deal though

A large portion of the builds are dual rear drives which dont allow 2x15mm belts due to limited width of conventional trucks. The TB trucks solve that problem.

I run dual 11mm with dual 6355, and although its pretty reliable, I’d go for dual 15mm on my next build just for reliability and durability

I run my setup on a 9mm width HTD 3M belts with a 32/48 tooth pulley ratio. Have yet to break belt and shows minimal wear. This is using a SK3 6374 motor. It’s more important to understand the max load a specific belt can take in accordance with the power rating of the motor.

As for wider belts create more drag claim. How sure it is not the result of your gearing ratio and is the width of the belt? If true, then would using a timing chain create more drag over a rubber belt if chains weigh more than belts?