12s 100+ amp BMS recomendations?

Been searching for a while for a good 12s 100 amp+ bms with good features. This one is a clear winner in terms of features: http://bestechpower.com/444v12spcmbmspcbforli-ionli-polymerbatterypack/BMS-D170V1.html

But it’s too thick. This BMS will be for my 4wd carvon v2’s. These pull an incredible amount of amps (40a+ per motor) due to the super high KV.

Checked everything recommended on this forum so far and on bestech and supower. None really fit my requires of size (need it to be less than 22mm thick and less than 80mm wide, length can be anything.

The 80 amp will just not be enough. And I don’t want to bypass as I would like the over discharge protection. I have wasted over $700 in batteries by leaving my board on over the weekend and finding the cells at 1.2 or less by Monday multiple times, and I’m tired of it.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you, and ride safely!

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Maybe a 150 amp fuse and just use a BMS for charging.

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The vesc really does the over amp protection well, so the fuse is not really a concern for me. But as I mentioned, the VESC will still discharge after the cutoff point slowly, but enough that if you leave it on for a few days, it will destroy your battery pack, as I have done 3 times now. I’m looking to make my boards idiot proof (i.e. me being the idiot for leaving it on all weekend 3 separate times now). This is why a charging and discharging through the bms is my desire.

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Sorry I got cut off by a phone call. I was also going to suggest a low voltage alarm system. I’m thinking about adding one to my build in case the BMS stops working.

So even with the Power switch Off the battery still be working?

I use the 60A version of this same board:



Dimensions: 200mm * 110mm * 20mm (LWT) - with Radiating Board

A little wider than your requirements, but you might be able to mill down or replace the aluminum heatsink plate

Im looking to buy a 12s lifepo4 bms from the same guy on eBay. How do you like your bms?

I haven’t used mine yet, but I also ordered from the same seller and it arrived quickly (relatively, for a shipment from China) and in good shape.

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Under high current conditions do BMS’s shutdown due to heat or do they measure current?

I ask because I’m wondering if it’s possible to get 30% more amps out with some huge heatsinks under the board which will have loads of fast moving air.



Anybody able to tell me if this is any good?

Order it and you tell us :slight_smile: