12s 12/36 Build

Hello, First my setup: Motor: 6374 192kv single VESC: FOCBOX ordered 12/12/17 Battery: 12s4p Diy 20A max draw/cell Wheel: 100mm Gears: 12/36

This is my “upgraded” Board i tried to build, since in my last setup i destroyed the Bms, causing me to deplete completly 20 of my 40 cells. Now i tried a new Vesc and completly rewired my Battery to 12s with 530Wh (4p). I also created my new board with aluminum and added some steel later (it was too soft).

Here i have some questions: I know that i can run my setup at max 25Amp Battery draw, but will the Gearing (12/36) overheat something when i go downhill? It did not untill now with my 83mm wheels

Pictures will follow

A 12T motor pulley is too small and will have poor torque transfer. There’s just not enough teeth in mesh to transfer the load

Do you think? I have also a 16 Theeth at home, but i am climbing a lot of hills and i am afraid to overheat the Vesc with that. Do you think it will hold up? I can live with exchanging the Pulley and belt more often than normal, and up untill now i had no problem with torque transfer. My only concern is if the 100mm wheels go downhill and rotate the Motor 3:1.

With support of one or two idler pulleys it would though, don’t you think?

I have no space to add a idler pulley. I have build my deck to a small skateboard size and everything is pretty small sized.

did you check the @Deckoz (?) style idler pulley? takes up minimal room. you’ll find it in the idler pulley dedicated thread


Wow! What an awesome build! I think something like that could work. Thank you for pointing that out!


But like i said, i had no torque transfer problems whatsoever up untill now

If you weight less than 80 kgs the motor should take you up any hill :slight_smile: go for 16 teeth puley, 12 teeth is way to small, you would experience belt skipping unless you use idlers or realy wide belt…in case it wont be able to take up the hill, you can try the 12 teeth pulley, but I think it will suck :confused:

i weigh around 105kg and i use a 15mm belt for 12 teeth. I will try both.

Just tell us how it works once you try it :slight_smile: I have never used such a high ratio so it might be interesting information :slight_smile:

My 12 / 36 single motor build (Keda 190kv) with idler was great except it broke a belt every 20km… I’ve just moved to 15 / 36 setup and lost some hill climbing ability:frowning_face: I’m upgrading my motor to a sensored dark matter to see if that fixes it…

How wide are your belts?

15mm, just tight enough to not skip…

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mine is also 15mm and i had no problems with skipping (exept very strong breaking) on a 12 teeth pulley. But i am not using a idler. I was using this 12/36 setup on my 10s build with 90mm wheels with no problem. I will try next week the same setup with 12s 100mm Crossover wheels.