12s, 1600w Hub, but maxing at 21mph

I’m using Inboards M1 motors and 2 batteries on a vesc 4.2 with a VX2 remote, the batteries are (2) 12s 2.25ah and the motor is 1600w. Iv set the values to FOC MMax 50A, BMax 50A, BRegen -12A. I’m trying to achieve 26ish mph because my friends have meepo boards that max 28mph but use 10s on 560w motors so I don’t see how I couldn’t go faster because I’m maxing at 20mph. The help would be really appreciated!

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Hi there, what is KV rating of your motors? And wheel size

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80mm but I haven’t found the Kv rating, took awhile just to find all the info on the board because the company went out of business after the board was purchased then broke

Im asking to determine weather your top speed is hardware limited(and nothing can push it futher) or its software. If you will find KV rating, you can calculate uour top speed based on it and conpare to your observations. If it will not match more than 10-15%, you can check settings. I would do it this way


That’s the rpm test, idk where to do the math but I’m pretty sure it’s hardware limited, I just don’t understand how 560w on 10s is faster then 1600w on 12a. Iv heard BLDC is better for top speed but when I tried that the motors were amp spiking and the right motor was squeaking and struggling till I full throttled then it was stable.

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Watts isn’t the important number.

Motor Kv is, you have lower Kv motors probably (and/or smaller wheels) and the only way to get more speed is to change the motors or raise the voltage (buy a 16S battery and a new ESC).

Top speed and Torque are tradeoffs though; more of one decreases the other one at the same voltage.

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I agree on everything above. Changing wheels would increase top speed but i assume you cant change them on your motors as thay are hub, am i correct? On my personal preference, you have well balaced board with good torque and fine top speed. Im struggling to thing what you can change to increase top speed without huge modifications. What is your budget on increasing it?

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Please take a photo of these hubs, Extemely suspicous as in something in the OP is not adding up.

It could be as simple as battery settings . or focbox settings, or the wrong motor poles (how smooth is the take off/noise.

could also be a simple as having the setup for dual motor vs single.

aka 2 motors would likey consume more than 50 amps combined.

I run x2 95KV hubs settings are 70 Bat/ 80 Per motor.

Realisticlly though i can pull 80 amps.

You never really use this much at my weight but when you reach wind resistance level then you might tempoaryily burst some high amps. - to get to a higher speed holding it is easy.

tried testing on a downhill to see? since techniclly speed is not going to be a limit if it becomes one you might have an actual speed limit set. without knowing.

Please run FOC on FOC motors (provided they are FOC) had a client on BLDC settings on his motors man what an improvement FOC was - we are talking hubs after all.

BLDC on belts i could imagine.

On my remote it spikes to 10Amps then dies down to 5amos once I hit 20mph. Another issue I’m having is my VX2 doesn’t have a percentage amount when giving it throttle, it only goes from 0% to 100% when giving 10-20% throttle. I also bypassed the batteries BMS because it was dying at 45v before

Honestly looking at those motors, and the extreme low amps that it resulted in … 30… (mine are landing 77-89amps per motor on the tool.)

Im not surpised by your speeds.

Sounds like a 450-500w (1500W) MAX motor. (not the true measurement) vs things like those 1650W (3500W) max motors