12s 1p hobby batteries charging?

Ok so I am wanting to upgrade and add another 4s 5000mah but, this time I want to make it where I can just plug and go instead of taking the batteries out of the case is there any easier way to do this. I was thinking of a bms but I am not sure which one to get and how to set it up.

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Do you have to take your batteries out in your current setup? It looks to me that you could just add another battery in the same way you have now any you will be good to go. Just as a thought your charging setup looks almost exactly the same as mine lol which is cool.

from what im seeing your wanting to leave it all plugged in and charge all of the batteries individually like you would with one charger one at a time?? if this is true it would be a bad idea because while you charge one the voltage will leak into the other batteries unless you unplug them… my suggestion is go on ebay and google 12s lipo bms and purchase one from china i just ordered mine and it will be here in a week or two (im in the middle of an overhaul) then to charge you just plug a power supply with the correct voltage into the bms and it will do the rest for you…

a mean well bms made for 48 volts will have a pot on it you can turn it up to 50.4 and safely se it to charge with. this is what i am doing currently however it will be my first attempt with a bms so fingers crossed.

Adding a 12s bms would be the best way to charge all your batteries together. However, it is possible to charge them separately using a hobby charger without disconnecting them. But you would still have to charge them one at a time. @ieatflys Voltage will leak across a parallel connection but not a series connection. You can’t isolate cells in a parallel connection but you can in a series connection.

I can’t tell for sure if your wiring is correct because it is unclear with all the yellow blocks. If you could edit your diagram and remove the connectors so we can see exactly how you are connecting the wires. Also you would do better to omit so many connectors and hard wire the main battery wires like I did in my build with 5 Lipos in series. I am using a bms but you could just tap into the main wires for isolated charging.

We’re on a very similar topic one thread below. Here’s an option:


Yes I do have to take my batteries out of my current setup.

Is there any digrams that I could use to show me how to setup a BMS because I would like to do this to my second build also if this is true also how do u check the voltage. I am fairly new to this and @cmatson help with my first build.

Have a look at my diagram here. I use two B6 chargers to charge 12S
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Why? Do you have pictures of your setup? I have pretty much the same wiring diagram and I don’t have to take my batteries out… I am a bit confused :slight_smile:.

I Am actually at school right now but basically it is two 4s batteries then I have a plug to connect them in series then they connect to the vesc.

Do u balance charge your batteries by plugging in the balance Cords any where.

Ok so this battery has a voltage of 14.8 that time 3 one for each battery so it is 44.4 volts. So basically it will look like this

Then where do I have the charge port and the plug to go to the vesc and then the power switch.

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Sweet that is very helpful.

Your wiring schematic is incorrect

Positive line never goes into this BMS. It only switches the negative line

P- to ESC/Charge negative B- to Battery negative N- is not used

Ok so more like this but I am still missing the charge port and power switch.

That BMS doesn’t come with a power switch. You will need to use an XT90-S or a VEdder switch. You should have a port on the BMS labeled C-, that is the negative for the charge port, the positive for the charge port should be spliced into the battery pack positive.

What company do u usually buy your bms from or recomend.

I’ve SuPower and BesTech, I prefer the BesTech but both are OK.

Ok I will go check them out now.