12S 200A - BMS and AntiSpark

So I’ve been searching around for a BMS and AntiSpark that can handle 200A. I think I need this due to me going with a motor that has a max current of 120A (getting 2 for now, but may end up with 4). Suggested ESC for this is at least 180A 12S ESC. I’ve got ahold of 2 of these: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__25202__Turnigy_dlux_250A_HV_14s_60v_ESC.html Let me know if I’ve done my math wrong? I’d love to be able to use my motors to their full potential thus I don’t want to blow shit up :slight_smile:TIA for any help guys

you do not need a 200 amp bms. 60-80a is likely more than you’ll ever pull, even less at 12s.

even with a 5kw motor? Just don’t want shit to burn out. Obviously for something this powerful I’ll be putting in fuses and such. But still xD

what motor do you have that is 5000w? Also, you won’t utilize all the power of it. It has the potential to draw the specified wattage, doesn’t mean you will. You’d probably have to be climbing vertically with a 300lb load for that.

http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__17987__Turnigy_RotoMax_50cc_Size_Brushless_Outrunner_Motor.html :slight_smile:

Yea that’s way overkill. You don’t need that much for esk8.

Yeah man that’s wayy overkill, you’re gonna need a different kind of motor for an esk8.

I know it’s overkill, that’s the point

It’s a lot of wasted power that won’t ever be utilized, what’s the goal?

does it not mean I could easily gear this whatever I want? worse case I would have 2 motors for 2 op boards?

the esc you linked is an airplane esc and won’t work for esk8 as well, unless you have another method for braking. There’s a reason the VESC only outputs 50A because you don’t need all that power on demand. Too much acceleration will make it unrideable and will destroy your wheels.

Imagine taking a plane engine. and putting it on a go kart.

…for science! :smiley:

But yeah, that motor is overkill to a whole new level. @Jinra’s words are wise.

hmm didn’t even look at braking to be honest -.- it had said default “brake - off” but didn’t say no braking, how would you know ?

Airplane ESCs have 2 braking options. No brake, or hard, non-adjustable brake. Car ESCs would be a much better idea.

Sounds like fun!!! LoL

I WANT you to use that motor. and I want to see it in action. I also want crazy gearing for like 70Mph…

chop chop, make it happen.

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RIP racidon

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I plan to, but I wasn’t aware of the lack of braking capabilities in that ESC even though HK recommended it so I will need to organise another. Probably one from Alien Power System

Ok let’s think this through 2 motors at 5kw for 10kw

horsepower is equal to 745.699872 watts:

1 hp(I) = 745.699872 W

So the power conversion of watts to horsepower is given by:

P(hp) = P(W) / 745.699872

13.41 horsepower

Now assuming you’re a average weight human you will have a power to weight ratio about the same as a 6 cylinder sports car!

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