12s 2p 18650 enough for 2x 190kv?

Has anyone actually done this. I couldn’t find any posts besides lipo ones. Obviously range would be less but theoretically would this affect the top speed much of just in general is it a viable/good idea?

What type of cells are you using? And I dont think 2p can supply enough amps to power 2 motors lol

10s4p or 12s4p,

Samsung 30Q

Samsung 25R

LG HG2 cells

Are the best if you are wondering

that depends entirely on the cells.

Samsung 25Rs could dump those kinds of amps easily. With some conservative ESC settings and some managed expectations you could still have a decent slurpee runner with a pack like that. Mind the brakes.

I’m looking at getting a complete battery pack with bms power switch etc. But the tb 12s4p back comes with an enclosure that’s like 2.1"/5.5cm thick. That’s just too much. I can’t seem to find any other ready packs for a similar price. So I was looking at their 12s 2p pack.

densely packing cells into an attractive box is a challenge. Its difficult coming up with a one-size-fits-most solution that doesn’t look chunky.

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