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12s 2p 18650 pack

running one of these with a tacon and 12s esc. WIll it work? Also could use a bit of help with how this would be wired.

Check the max continuous A per cell…if it 10A you may consider 3 or better 4p for 40 amp draw…even if it’s 20 continuous - to reduce stress it seems 3p at min. Better safe than sorry. I’m thinking I’m building a 10s5p - crazy range and not as taxing amp wise

I would recommend having it on 8s 3p because these batteries dont have enough discharge rate. Longboard esc can run cooler with higher top speed but gives tons of stress to batteries. You wont get the agressive punch torque either.

If distance isn’t a priority, you could consider a 12s1p with 26650 cells instead. Usually their current ratings are higher than you would find in a 18650.

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A123 cells - longevity, 70 A discharge …

Agree. I’d go with A123 if you want to do @scrant idea

Also, I think the tacon 160 maxes out at 10s but I could be wrong.

14s for the tacon and thanks for the suggestion im gonna go check out those cells real quick

running this esc
with an 8s 3p would be better than running a 6s4p?

I almost bought that ESC when it was for sale for about $60-70. It looks mean, but the one e-board build I found online that used it needed a new esc very quickly.

he also weighed close to 250ibs and was running 190kv or something