12s 40a BMS on sale - $24.74 icstation.com

While looking for some lower amp BMS’s for a 25 amp board I am building (because I didn’t want to waste a 60a BMS on it) I ended up running into a sale, which ends in about 2 days, at www.icstation.com, and figured i’d share. Compared to batterysupports.com 30a at $39, it seems like a pretty decent deal.

12S 40a = $24.74

I found a new member discount code of 8% as well = “Newmember”. That ended up making it worth paying the $25 for DHL instead of $0.00 air mail which will take 2-4 weeks.

Didn’t work for me?

The newmember code?

I added it, then clicked continue and it took off 8%. I bought 5 of them though. I don’t recall there being a minimum purchase. If you add 5 to the shopping cart, add the code, and click continue, do you see a $12 +/- discount?

I forgot to add the link to the BMS:



Thanks for the share!

I also searched for a 10S BMS, here is a deal for $11.24 (originally 14.99) 20A. I guess it’s a good deal if I’m doing a charging only BMS solution?

Also, when I inputted the code it said it was applied but in the checkout page the price didn’t go down for some reason… there might be a minimum price for it to work?

Just wanted to point out, using a Bestech BMS you get a built in E-Switch, which saves you $40-$60 as you don’t have to buy a Vedder switch (or its variants). A loop key is always cheaper, just wanted folks to understand the actual savings depending on your build specs.


Ohh damn. I didn’t know that existed. YES! Thank you.

Hmm I am having a hard time finding a board that allows adding an e-switch. I don’t suppose you have a part number for a 12s (doesn’t matter the amps) so I can compare with other options?

Check here… http://www.bestechpower.com/444v12spcmbmspcbforli-ionli-polymerbatterypack/BMS-D298V1.html

Awesome, thank you.

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I have the 12S BMS listed above, and didn’t even realize I could put an E-Switch on it and already bought vedders.

I’ll use that e-switch on the 25a BMS and call it a day. Keeps my costs down. (I am hoping to sell the 25A boards locally. The batteries I got are cheap but are low amps.)

but powering everything via a bms eswitch requires that its powered on during charging, right?

I have the bestech bms in a build but still have a loop key so that I don’t need to have the vescs powered on during charge, which for me can take upwards of 6 hrs

good find, I’m in correspondence with donna @ bestech atm about charge-only bms modules but these may work, cheap too…

Yeah, I just read that too. I am weighing the options. I don’t know whether that’s a bad thing. I guess it’s up to the end user.

I am 99% sure i’ve basically wasted my time putting together battery testers to check capacity (in this specific case), but I am also concerned how accurate my testers are when I do actually need to use them.

I am finding all of the batteries are actually within 5% capacity. A 1950 MAH battery ended up reporting 2050 the next time I tested it, but I believed the charger had charged it to 4.20v without checking it, but I also believed the tested repleated down to 2.80, but I am finding no matter what volt I us, it only brings the cells down to 3.2 and sometimes 3.1v, so there’s obvious a variance.

Now that I am making certain of the before and after voltage, they are all between 2050-2150.

Total waste of a month waiting for parts from China. YAY!

The eskate de guy or whatever sell them for 25$

You mean esk8.de? They have a Vedder SparkProtectionSwitch listed for €29.90 ($35 USD).

I’d be happy to buy a few at $25, if you know where I can find them. I’d honestly rather do that than have to keep the board on to charge it.

Plus € 4.77 / $5.53 USD.

We’re right back at $40 via the http://www.hellray.de site (I was redirected to it via the “shop” link on eSk8.de

That’s still cheaper than $60+shipping though

Actually, I am wrong there. The original €29.90 included the vat. My bad. Still a better deal.

I thought I bought these, and ended up realizing I never finished the transaction. Went back 10 days ago and finished the purchase… and they have still not shipped yet.

I don’t think I will be buying anything from them again. This is redic. Glad I paid for DHL. At least i’ll get them this year.