12s 4A Charger Suggestions

Hello guys!

Im looking for a cheap 12s 4A Charger for my Lipo battery (with 12s Bestech BMS) and after some reading on a couple of other topics, the two main candidates seems to be either this one or this one. What are your thoughts about these? If you have one, how well are they holding up? Are there any other well-known cheap chargers?

Thanks for your help! /Alex

I have some yzpower chargers here. They are quite good. Aluminium cases are always better tho. Better disipation. Just do not leave the charge unattended if you use a plastic charger. Or even better. …never leave it unattended.

Ok! So the yzpower charger does get hot even though it has a fan :thinking:? The main issue I have with aluminium cases at this point is the price…

No. It’s not like that. The brand has Nothing to do with the facts . Plastic chargers are cheaper for a reason. Cheap and top quality are never in the same sentence.

Got it, since I try to keep my budget somewhat low I´ll go with a plastic charger. Are there any comparable brands to YZPower or is that what most people use?

I got this one for my 12s. :+1:t2:

Thats actually quite a good price for a aluminium charger! How well is it working and what power cord did it come with? Eu or us? It doesnt seem as if you can choose anything else except for the charge-plug.

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Works very well and doesnt get hot. Message them before you purchase and tell them what plug and connector you want :+1:t2:

Nice, this looks like my best option! What charge connector did you get? Im deciding between DC 5.5 2.1 Jack or 3-pin XLR :thinking:. The xlr connector seems more sturdy, but also a bit bulky.

I went for a gx-16 3-pin (similar to xlr but a bit smaller) And i found a nice cover for it on ebay

That looks really nice! Could you link me that dust cover? I can only find the one with a metal ball chain.

Sure :slight_smile:

I´m about to order the charger, but im curious about a few things. When ordering the charger, did you have to pay import tax? What shipping alternative did you choose and how long did it take?

Thanks alot for your help, I really appretiate it! :grinning:

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No worries. I did not pay any import tax personally but thats no guarentee you will not. My guess is you wont as the vaule is very small and the seller will probalbly mark it as a gift/low value. I use the standard £10 shipping (UK) thats offered on the listing. And it took about 3 weeks to arrive.

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When you say standard shipping, do you mean the China Post Air Mail?

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10 char

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