12s 50.4 battery charger

I’ve already done the search feature… was surprised by how little returned. I’ve also searched on endless sphere…

What are you guys using for a 12s 50.4 charger? I could buy a similar one to my boosted board and use the same 2.1 male female connector… I love the Luna cycle 10s Charger that came w an xt60 on there, but they don’t have a 12s equivalent.

As of now I may just pick up a 1.5 amp charger off of amazon and cut out the plug and drop an xt60 on there. Anyone w advice? My 12s2p is being built w a bms, cheers

yzpower brand chargers have worked well for me. just dont buy the plastic ones, they suck,

I second the YZPower ones, they are hella chunky but they have a metal case with heat fins and fans so they don’t melt…also only $54 shipped for an 8a charger…thats hard to beat

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I just order this on Amazon, free shipping worldwide, plus a discount they made…48usd


You can choose the XT-60 connection…

Lol I have one of the plastic ones, it works perfect but I dropped it and some plastic piece rattles around inside now

do you mean one of these?


it’s pretty simple to open up, i bet there’s a broken plastic tab in there.

Nah it is one of the nice YZpower ones from ebay. Has a fan and stuff, a little piece broke off when I put it back together last time and I don’t care enough to get it out again hahah

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as long as the loose piece isn’t metal, you should be fine.

but…if it is metal…stuff could short…

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Yah it was plastic I checked

Would this be decent charger? I know that it is only 1.5A but I don’t mind slower charging speed. However as I am planning on using it in a college dorm I do need the charger to be somewhat discreet.

i’ve been using mine for years now, still goin strong.

some have had it break on them, so your results may vary.

slow though, i you’ve got a larger pack it takes forever to charge.

Look for Wate chargers at aliexpress. You get them with different amp outputs. Feels much nicer and of higher quality than the YZpower one.