12s 5p batteries from Batterybro

I reached out to battery bro to produce my batteries and this is what they said.

Not sure if people would be interested in these but gonna put this out here. In any case I will soon withing 3-5 months have these to sell.

Im intrested but I need to get some money. Would these include a battery percent display and on off switch.

Low aH for a 5p pack - they are 25 amps per cell draw - 125 amps at 44volts? would Samsung 30Q’s be a better option? 15 amps per cell - 75 amps and 15 aH’s? What application are you building this pack for?

I agree with you and have already asked for batteries above 2500mah also for 100a safe continuous current. Building it for dual drive boards and to resell.