12s A123 Cruiser [For Sale]

hey yall… its built by runplayback, asking $500 OBO. heres the board: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/a2esk8-mini-cruiser-30-carbon-fiber-deck-single-carvon-v2-hub-motor-12s1p-lifepo4-vesc/5543 comes with green clones instead of flywheels. Quick specs: Hi5ber Ion 30 Carbon Fiber Deck Carvon V2.5 Single Hub Motor Clone 90mm Flywheels with trucks Custom 12s1p LiFePO4 Battery Custom ABS Enclosure Ollin Board Co. VESC 2.4ghz Nano Remote e3e6f2c7bea7da18af1dad38aae2502eac66e5d9_1_690x388


what kind of range do you get with it?

sorry if this is a dumb question but is it less than 99w?

That seems like a great deal. Out of curiosity, why are you selling?

I think it’s exactly 99wh. You will get very little sag from these cells. Nice looking deck too.

He’s probably selling to fuel his eskate addiction.

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exactly like @E1Allen said, got 2 other boards already

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So I can borrow one when I get to Michigan. Then we go ride…

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Looks really clean, good price too. Does it come with a charger?

That’s one nice board :smiley:

yeap. comes with charger.

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Never saw a build with LiFePo4 batteries. How much range do you get? How different is it to LiPo or Li-On

it’s a lot safer (, and can discharge a lot even in a 1p pack. range is a bit under 10 miles riding normally with few hills

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How’s it safer. This is really interesting. How much did it cost?

can be taken down to 2v or so (although i don’t recommend it).

cost around $200

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whatever happened to @RunPlayBack? haven’t seen any esk8 stuff from him in a while.

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he’s still alive and kickin, just not here a lot

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Oh that’s a little expensive for 10 miles. But it is 12s and I don’t know anything about that so im probably talking shite(talking about how much you payed for the battery not the price of what your selling your board)

compared to the mini s at 3 miles for 800? yah…sure…

What this mini s?

Do you have a photo of how the wheel fits onto the motor?