12s bms discharge or by pas

iam goint to be building a dual drive esk8 soon with a 12 s battery (5000mah 12s2p with 3s lipos so 8 packs in total). the motors have a peak of 100A each. i dont want to charge the batterys all one by one so i was thinking of using a bms but i can only find 12s bms with max 120A what do i do just discharge with the bms or bypass the bms for discharge? in the case of a bypass how do i wire it? and is it even posible to do a 2P pack with a bms

Use a charge-only BMS and bypass discharge. Send photos of the BMS you choose and someone can show you wiring directly. I recommend a bestech BMS from here http://www.bestechpower.com/ although people on this forum will have them lying around. The BMS is not affected by parallel groups only series. Look for a BMS which is rated at 12s but for Lipos not lithium ion.

@lucas09 check out this thread if unsure https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/could-someone-check-my-12s-bms-wiring-diagram/58103