12s BMS Recommendations

So my current plan for my battery setup is 6x 6s 3000mah Lipo Batteries. I was going to run the batteries in pairs (wired in series) and then have these three pairs wired up in parallel. In my mind, this will give me the equivalent of a 12s 9000mah battery.

To charge these batteries, I was planning on using an external balance charger, however this would be really inconvinient.

Basically, what im asking is does anyone have any recommendations for a decent 12s BMS?

it sounds like you are interested in charge protection rather than discharge protection. take a look at these for charge protection


In setup like yours, you will have to use 3x bms, each on each 12s pack. Which is not bad, you will have 3 separate packs.

You can connect them in a different way: 3 lipos in parallel, and then in series. This way, you will only have to use 1 bms, but you will have to connect balance wires in parallel group too, if you want every lipo to be balance charged.

As which bms to use, my recommendation is Daly charge only from Aliexpress. They usually arrive in under 10 days and they are cheap, but reliable. As @wandagoner said, no point in discharge bms.

Hi, I have 2*6s 5000mah lipo battery in series (12s) and I am planning to use BMS for charging only. I’ve read around the forum, but I’m still finding this BMS concept quite complicated :sweat_smile:

Would this BMS work for me (are there any others that are recommended)?

Also, this is 13s, is that ok eventhough I have 12s? and finally, what is the difference between common and separate BMS’

I assume for charging purposes 15A separate BMS is fine?

You should buy a 12s bms, theres plenty of info around, if your not confident it means you need to do some more reading and research.