12s BMS wanted EU/UK

I’m after a 12s bms, I know I can order a couple from bestech and I probably will, but one is needed to get a mate of mine back on the road. Anything considered but ideally a bestech with E switch

@koralle ?

I got one. Need a brand new 5a charger aswell? Bms is new aswell.

I do I do yes!

Cool. The charger is missing the 5.5 plug. But I can throw in a xt60 female male. I pm you later tonight with pics


Did @bigben take the charger, @mackann needs one

We haven’t talket yet since I’m not home at the moment. But he got first dips on it. I’ll let you know later to night if he takes it or not. If he doesn’t I reserve it for mackan

We can send it in about 2 weeks. We are both on vacations :grinning:

Have a great holiday!!

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@acido Ben bought it

Thanks for letting me know