12s Compact Commuter Board

This is the final product of several attempts to make a reliable board to go back and fourth to school/gym. I began last summer with a fairly large deck, two 3s lipo batteries, and a vesc. Since then I’ve built a new, much smaller deck and bought a 12s Li-ion battery. This is the smallest 12s board I could possiby build and I think it’s the perfect balance between ridability and size.

Here are the specs:

27" custom deck Caliber trucks Turnigy SK3 192kv motor Torque boards motor mount VESC 12s Torque boards battery 97mm wheels


Hi mitchell898,

It looks pretty cool… I am trying to achieve the same thing to use as a daily commuter. It doesn’t have to be super fast.

Would you be able to tell which VESC you are using? And if there is any lipo battery that I could use from HobbyKing instead. It’s really hard to get those battery pack delivered in Australia.

I am documenting my project here: http://mcoboards.com/

Cheers, Marco

I purchased my VESC from . As for the battery setup, my first build used 2 3s lipos from hobby king, and they worked well for about two weeks but quickly began losing range. Also It’s a huge pain in ass to use a balance charger and open up your enclosure each time you charge. From my experience, I would never buy cheap lipos again. They work, and it was a good learning experience, but if you want a reliable board and don’t want to screw around, definately find a Li-ion pack to use. You could also consider buying some 18650s and making your own battery if you don’t mind putting some work in.

Thanks heaps mate! I bought stuff from diyelectric in the past. They are pretty good delivering to Australia in a reasonable time :wink:

I will stick to the 2 x 3S fro now and will research how to build my own battery pack in the future.

Cheers, MCO


What enclosure is that?

It comes with the 12s2p battery from .

How’s the weight and range on this?

14.5 lb and I have yet to test the range.