12S Dual Drive Mountain Board Build

Hello, I just cancelled my order for the Backfire Ranger X1, they are a nice looking board but not exactly what i wanted in the end. so i decided to journey out again and hunt down a cost effective mountain board build.

i spoke a little with the community in discord and a few facebook groups and they told me to go DIY and ask here for assistance where the pros hang out.

i’m after something that’s waterproof 12s and duel motor. im not looking for a pre built board unless it ticks all the requirements

looking for something with 50-80 kmh top speed but still has torque to goo up hills (Speed is so i know i have more if i ever want it or need it) i have a wowgo DIY with a sanyo battery which comes in this week. tried riding it with a 10s5p but i find it to be pretty slow even at top speed, dont get the thrill as much from when i first rode it.

so im here to ask for help in building a nice Mountain board, looking at around 2k AUD budget can go over not fussed. (im also looking at building 2 of these boards 1 for me and 1 for my brother)

These are the parts i have picked out currently

FOCBOX Motor Controller x2







Transmitter & Reciever


kaly.nyc Direct Drive Assembily


Looking for a 12s5p or 12s6p Battery and enclosure to suite with BMS and Charger, rather stay away from Lipos since they have short life span and voltage sag pretty quickly so looking for lithium ion. undecided on cells yet, would love to hear some recommendations.

undecided on motors and other bits and pieces yet, some help picking appropriate parts or if im missing anything would be great if you could let me know what would go well. i would love to stick to the lower end of my budget as much as possible, links to sites where i can get the parts would also be appreciative.

Thanks in advanced!


Nice work mate.

By your speed requirements you want 150kv motor to get to about 50km/h and you’ll get about 66km/h from 190kv. At 12s you shouldn’t go above 190kv as it approaches the max erpm the vesc is capable of.

So to get a higher top speed you will need a lower gear ratio.

I don’t know much about electric mountain boards so I will let someone with more knowledge jump in with what motor to get. but with the amount of torque required you’ll be looking at minimum 2x 6374 but more than likely bigger to get up to 80km/h with a lower gear ratio.

Have fun!

Cheers, Patrick

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Welcome to the forum.

If you’re new to building I would recommend that you read this thread first:

Considering your budget is 2K AUD, you’ll need to be careful how you allocate it, and remember to account for shipping costs. You might also consider using second hand parts.

If you want to use a Trampa Holypro deck, here are some threads for design inspirations:


Thank you for the links, I’ll take a look at what others are using/suggesting here and add it to my build.

Your selected deck works with the monster box

whats the monster box sorry?

Uses that channel on the selected board, box sits above deck between feet

curious to know if its a water proof case though

You can get some that are

would you by any chance know of any i can research?

Just look up water tight gun storages boxes.

Or https://pwrboards.com/collections/enclosures/products/pwr-box-1


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The monster box integrates with the cable and deck. This is trampas new enclosure. Tons of power. More of a kit than a build tho

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