12s (Dual Motor) Mountainboard [for sale] in EU

Hello, i want to sell my mountainboard. This is my 2nd version, made 1 year ago. Done about 300-400km, no problems. Some specs: -12S1P Li-Po 8000mAh 30C battery with 60A BMS and power switch -Glass/carbon fiber custom battery case with battery level indicator, charger port and power switch -50.4V 4A charger - battery charges in around 2-2,5h -Dual SK3 6374 192KV motors -Dual VESC`s 4.12, weatherproofed with liquid tape - removable -Aluminum drive train with 1:6 gearing, HTD5 15mm width belts (one belt as spare (i can provide more)) -Modified NE:XT Blaze mountainboard with channel trucks and 9" tires (two inner tubes as spare) -Custom remote controller, made from GT-2B car RX/TX. -Tires, bindings, trucks, wood - perfect condition, just normal usage. -At rear is red blinking 4W LED strip for road safety.

-Range is about 18-19 km at full power - avg speed is 22 km/h. -Speed is limited to 32 km/h, limit can be changed in BLDC VESC tool, theoretical max speed - 60 km/h. -Weight is about 15 kg.

Board is in Lithuania, i can ship it to any European Union country. Shipping price depends on country, can be free. Price - 1300€. I`m flexible in negotiations.

There is video of riding that board in Vilnius, Lithuania capital city.

Please write emails to [email protected]

Thank you!


1000€ or split into parts…

How much for your motors

What trucks are these?

up, if seller hasnt sold it yet

Still available

1000€ Free shipping in EU

1000€ Free shipping in EU

Cant believe that this is still selling

Same here can’t believe it

I would be interested. Shipping to Vienna?

it s a nice bord is it avaolebil

unreal… If I wasnt on the other side of the planet I would take it.

1,000 Euro = 1,162.15 United States Dollars

Gotta be worth twice that in parts

Board is SOLD Board is SOLD

cant believe it took so long to sell

Final sale price and destination country would be also nice to know…

Did buyer turned up in home country, or was it delivered outside

1000 euro, free shipping to Austria.