12s enclosure needed! Loaded basalt tesseract

Hello, I am going to do a my first build soon and have a good idea of the parts that I need.

So far I have bought some hummie v4’s, a nano x, and a focbox unity. I am going to buy a 12s2p battery from Miami Electric boards and their 12s bms and charger. For the deck I am going to be using the Loaded basalt tesseract because it has some flex, really good vibration dampening, for the crappy roads near my house, and a kicktail. I was thinking about doing a split enclosure because of the boards slight flex but im not really sure. If I do go with a split enclosure I can 3d print a esc enclosure. I am thinking about buying a eBoosted 12s vanguard enclosure but am not sure how good the weather seal would be because of the w concave on the tesseract. Any suggestions for the battery enclosure? Thank you guys so much for being so helpful and answering all if my questions! Doug

Let me know if you are interested!