12S Lacroix w/Kaly Straight Cut Gears

Love the Lacroix deck, I have a stock DSS60 which inspired me to build a DIY version. Been collecting parts for this thing for awhile - finally got it all together about a week ago.

Parts list:

  • Lacroix Deck and Enclosure
  • 12s6p Samsung 30Q pack/BMS built by the Hyper Ion guys out in TX
  • Enertion Unity
  • Nano v2
  • Dual 6384s 200kv APS motors
  • Kaly 4:1 gear drives
  • Trampa hubs and 8’’ tires
  • Trampa barrels
  • 8amp / 4amp / 1.5amp charger options lol


IMG-2951 IMG-2947 IMG-2943 IMG-2941 IMG-2939 IMG-2937 IMG-2982 IMG-2971 IMG-2970 IMG-2966 IMG-2965 IMG_2984 IMG_2983

Future plans:

  • Fine tuning those Trampa barrels, I’ve got a buddy with a mini lathe.
  • Might switch to 170kv’s
  • I wana try some other tires for shits and gigs
  • Install some kind of capacity readout

I call it the Nimbus


Nice build! I have a similar build and it’s my favorite of my quiver.

Interested to hear about your future barrel adjustments.


thanks! I’m going to try to get to it this weekend, I’ll post updates here


I need that red grip tape!!!

Dude, that battery is gonna break. It doesn’t have my face on it :smiley:.


Or maybe it WON’T break because it doesn’t have my face on it, who knows :grin:


lmao i thought i was the only one that wanted a 2a, 4a and 8a charger. never know if you need a slow charge, semi fast and fast charge :joy:

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I wanted a board that could take an 8amp charger for quicker charges on long range rides, so I got an 8amp for it. I already had a 4amp for my 12s thane board and the battery pack came with a 1.5amp so I just got lucky.

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Nice build! Love the deck/enclosure combo. @DerelictRobot has been slowly winning me over to channel trucks with flowers and chocolates so interested to see your tuning methods. Again great build that.


Is that a tail light that is red and a circle? I love the simplicity of it if it is. Love to learn more on it.

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Is it this light? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192847652275 How does it perform?


Yup that’s the light. Love it! The motion sensor actually works well and keeps up with how hard you brake. I kinda want to figure out a mounting system that stacks two of them instead of just the one.

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Noice. Maybe something attached to @akhlut X thingie?

Maybe I think I need to make a bracket that lets you screw them to a straight bar.

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I just bought one to see how I like it. Super clean and great idea.

That one comes with a straight bar that you can be ziptie or screw down.

I’d prefer this one, because it has a strap like instead.

Or if you just get the Strap by itself.

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lil update.

I finally got with my buddy with the mini lathe and put some reliefs in the trampa barrels. HUGE improvement imo. Just did it so don’t know if this will be the final modification to the barrels but so far I’m digging three reliefs on the front and two on the back.

Also I extended the motor wires because I had some issues with how short I originally made them.

Pics: image image image


More lil updates:

Red tires and headlights!

image image image image

Props to @Kaly for the dope picatinny rail mounts! These lights seem to be a little too bright when fully charged, something over 1,000 lumens each (I’ve pissed off more than a few bikers, pedestrians, and motorists) but they do dim after running them for a bit. I’ll probably keep emm anyway because they do kinda look like missile pods which is cool.

I’ll fix the tread pattern on the right side this weekend…