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12s LiPo BMS: Will this work?

I’m going to have 4x 5000mah 3s batteries in series for 12s. I want an easy way to charge my board, so I looked into BMS. I’m new so bear with me:

  • Will this BMS along with this power supply be compatible?
  • Where do I plug in the power supply?
  • Is 60A enough for VESC/170kv motor?
    Sorry for the stupid questions
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Humm…dont they charge and discharge from the same point on the board?

I’d hit up the guys that did the battery and bms group by for assistance…

@longhairedboy can you put ur two cents in ?

This[quote=“barajabali, post:12, topic:4203, full:true”]
Wel I’m using 100amp bms because this is goin on a mountain board which is going to produce higher than average amps.

I think you can get away with a 60-80 amp bms on a regular board depending if it’s dual drive or single.

And good question about the on off switch. Not sure

is what @barajabali said in a different thread

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alright so this bms

You’ll have to do a bit of rewiring

The charger you listed is for LiFePo4.

As @mccloed said

Gotta be diligent … All voltage is not equal… They differ between battery chemistry

Also the amps rating can’t be under what flows through the bms…because it will fry the bms

Like I said gotta hit the guys that are making them now…the info is still fresh in their heads …lol

I don’t want to give you a :+1:t2: because I’m not 100% sure myself … I’ve been reading and watching you guys muscle through these dilemmas

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What is the discharge rate on your batteries? If you are going at least 25c then get an 80-100amp BMS so you have more room if you need it. And you should only be charging your batteries at 1c so a 5amp charger will be quickest.

What do you mean by this?

I think he said it the wrong way around. If your motor is drawing 80 amps and you have a 60 amp BMS then the BMS will cut out. You want a BMS that has the amps you think you will need. 80 amps is the sweet spot IMO and most packs I am going to make will have at least 80amp discharge continuous.

Just not sure what he meant burning the BMS out. BMS’s are there to prevent exactly that.

I don’t think it burns them out. They just cut the power, and if you are going down a hill and there is to many amps, you definitely don’t want your power cut.


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Ahhhh … @lox897 to the rescue … Thanks

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5ah x 20c = 100amp continuous. Get an 100amp BMS.

I think you mean 100A :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. I wasn’t even thinking. I’m in bed. My bad.

it has 30c burst, so how about this?

100amps should be plenty. You want a bms with the amount your batteries can do continuously.