12s lithium Ion battery, do you need a Bms

Hello Wonder if someone can help me, have a pile of 18650, My question is this, do you need a bms to protect the battery or just use it to charge only as the esc,s limit the current?

Cant find a 12s bms with a high current figure, unless someone can reccomend one to me, was just thinking of using bms to charge, then use will that be ok? (Goung to try and make a 12s 5p pack) Thanks

Could you elaborate on that pile of 18650s?

Do they all match? And are they at close voltages to each other?

Mixing cells isn’t recommend.

Bestech has good 12S 60/80A BMS for around $50 Charge only BMS is only $20 and some people prefer discharge bypassed BMS in general.

generally iron cells are pretty fire-free. id skip the bms if they are shown to be fire-free and just check on it. wouldn’t even use it to charge. Id just get a power supply and keep the max charge to something not too high but only if theyre iron cells and shown to be hard to blow.

All cells are new and the same capacity, that’s what I thought about no bms Thanks very much

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@Jonisonvespa Lithium IRON or lithium ION? 2 different things. You speak of 18650 but in lithium iron those dimensions are pretty rare. Lithium iron doesn’t require a bms Lithium ion does

Lifepo4? They are kind of the safest available. I would still put a bms.

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A balanced battery is a happy battery, go with a BMS :slight_smile:

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Li-ion 18650 batteries Ok found this bms, sorted, there is another one DieBieMS v0.8 on here, but cant seem to find out where to buy from i have contacted the s3ller but no responce :frowning: Would rather buy his one. If not wil. Nave to get the chinese one


li-ion and li-iron (LiFePO4) are two totally different things which need different BMSs or you can have a fire if you mix the two up. And yes, both need a BMS if they are over 1S.

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Could someone please tell me a typical Current draw using 2, 270kv motors im tryimg to figure out which bms to use. Thanks

big difference one letter away. but the iron I don’t think need a bms if shown fire-free …or these

lithium titanate …check it out! even better than iron

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Lithium Titanate chemistry is an option on the calculator if anyone is considering using them.