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12s look smart charger question

I would like to use this charger for my custom 12s lipo but have a few questions. (4x 3s 5000mah 20c)

  1. Will I need a BMS for this to work?
  2. It says “LED2 turns green by fully charged.” Is it safe to assume that is 4.2v and it will auto cut off?
  3. I don’t see anything about balancing cells, so would I be safe using my iMax B6 to do so?


You don’t have to use a BMS to charge the battery. The pack will be fully charged at ~50.4v and I assume that is when the green light will show. The charger can’t balance cells so you would need an iMax connected to the proper pack leads or a BMS connected to battery leads to balance your parallel packs.

If u have an Imax that does 6 cells u can use it to do your batteries but u have to put half the 12s in parallel making it (2) 6s and 10ah.
This charger could do all ur stuff at once charging in series. But…youd have to balance on ur own with something like a “battery medic” on the balance leads.