12s or 10s battery? UK

I’m going to build a 130kv dual 6355 setup. I’m concidering a 12s 123A 26650 70A or 10s 2.7ah 35C system for travelling around and also bring up the plane. I will be using it on a 3 mile 11% up hill so 12s system might easily blow up? Ps Any place that I can get chargers and bms in the uk?

Since it’s such s small battery go with a single drive to get you about 30% more range on average vs dual. 6374 motor instead of 55

Go with higher voltage 12s a123 is better in this application also more safe than (I’m assuming) lipo batteries. Especially on a plane, I wouldn’t dare bring lipos on a plane

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Its a long hill and I do need more breaking force for going down hill, thats why I’m going for dual motor. how about the issue of 12s vesc fry? I am not sure since i do need my board to go up a 3 mile hill so continuous load of 12s and high ampere (due to torque needed) might fry the vesc?

how much do you weigh? you should be okay, the vesc can handle more than you might think.

Whose VESC is it btw? company

May tech Vesc I’m 67kg, but I might carry things that go over 80kg in total.

Oh I’m not sure about the reputation about that vesc is be careful with it. I know the ollin vesc is bullet proof and the vesc x seems to be pretty solid too in my opinion

Hopefully it will work then lol Do you know where can I get bms and charger in the uk?


http://www.batterysupports.com/36v-60a-12s-12x-32v-lifepo4-battery-bms-lfp-pcm-smt-pcb-system-p-251.html How bout this ? Shouldn’t it be 38.4V instead?