12s setup ,149kv vs 192kv

Hello! I am thinking about starting my second build. Now I am using a 6s setup with a 245kv sk3 6364 motor. This setup is working great, but I am interested in more torque. So i the next build I am thinking of a 12s setup. Since I already have a couple of 6s batteries. Now, I think I will go for a sk3 motor. I am just wondering if i should go 149kv or 192kv. Any suggestions?

The 192kv motor have a max output of over 4000watts!, while the 149kv have a max output of about 2500watts. Since the 149 have a lower kv, it will have the same torque at the same watts, but the 192 can pull over 1500 watts more. So maybe the 192kv will be even stronger, AND have a better top end?

Its all depending on your VESC at this point, Remember to actually get the maximum performance you will need 12S and 80/70A to get the maximum wattage stated. most vescs cant do 12S with high amperage continuously - normally 10S @ 40A is the standard a Vesc can pull continuously. which means most vescs can only supply about 1500W

plus unless your able to get constant max amperage a 192Kv motor will be weaker at start up as they are more efficent at higher speeds.

Yeah, I know with the vesc. Thats why I thinking i go for torqueboards 12s 120a esc.

What about the other 6374kv motor from hobbyking its 160ish I can’t remember exactly

Forgot to mention that one. As with the 149kv one, it have a maw output of 2500watts

I think there might be an error with the watts of the 192kv

Or they have just over speced it. That motor used to have a max volts of 10s but has recently changed to 12s and I doubt that hobbyking would have changed anything so I’m guess you can probably run the other 6374 motors on 12s as well which gives them a max watts of about 3500

Its very wierd with the other 6374’s, couse it stands 2500 Max watts, but they are rated for 12s and 70 Amps which is 12x4.2= 50.4 50.4x70= 3528 watts. Anyone know Why?

A couple things: first, motor wattages should be taken with a pound of salt. There’s no standardized testing to determine the maximum wattage a RC motor can handle, so they can just pull numbers out of their arse.

Second, if you’re going for a vesc (which you should, they’re great and you won’t feel a lack of power,) a 192kv motor will exceed the 60k erpm limit on 12s.

Third, as long as you set your gearing right, there will be no loss of torque between a 192 and a 149.

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I know Vesc is the best but it can only take about 50 amp continiously and many says 12s may be too much. Also I have heard great feedback of torqueboards 120a esc.

Also depends on the setup, I’m using two 149kv’s on my trampa with directdrive on 12s and it works great. On the other hand, for a normal single drive street board 192 is super awesome as it already delivers a huge amount of torque.

You will realistically never reach that 50 amps continuous limit unless you’re accelerating up a steep long hill. For 99% of use, you’ll only pull 50 amps for a second or two at startup acceleration. And the vesc can handle more than 50 amps for short periods, so you won’t have any problems with power for acceleration either.

Aha, I understand. But What about the voltage. 12s may be too much?

The vesc is good for up to 60v IIRC, so 12s should be fine. Just stick with 149kv though.

I understand. Where du you recommend to buy the Vesc from? Torqueboard, Enertion, Ollin (expensive), or?

Ollin sells an upgraded vesc that will handle extra power. Otherwise, the, DIYelectricskateboard, enertion, whoever has a good deal. Don’t get a maytech one unless you plan to do some SMD soldering though, they leave out important parts.