12s smart bms? Looking for one 400a max

Im looking for a 12s smart bms with on off switch and can give 400a max or more for my mountainboard 4wd i plan to build have 2wd lipo at the moment.Building a 30-40ah lion pack.Anyone know of a reliable high current smart bms???

You’re not going to draw that many amps continuously.

Also i don’t know a bms that can do more than 150a continuously and even that BMS is insanely huge.

My advice, just bypass the bms for discharge

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Im running 4 vesc6 100a bat, 120a motor,150a-170a absolute max 4 80mm motors.I have this in 2wd now but the bat needs to handle 4 when i do that next.im thinking it wont be continuous either but max on both is a good place.I build a 180 x 190 x 250 carbon box for bats using parts form trampa beast box.

What the shit are you doing with a build like that? Actively trying to snap your ankles on acceleration??

I genuinely don’t understand

20190306_104428 i dont want to get stuck in grass.how it did look all apart now

You should not get stuck in grass even with a single motor of that size, unless you are running unsensored or something is off.

Even with that your not going to pull 400a continuously, unless you’re trying to pull a car, and at that point you would have to have 0000 guage wire… Which can only handle 380a continuously… And would probably be thicker than a 18650 cell

You may possibly pull 400a on startup on something like a 40% grade hill and a steep mountain… But only for a split second or 2

What kind of amps u think i pulling doing these things ive blown a fuse doing burnouts.What size a bms wud u guys recommended then if not 400

Burnouts on gravel? like 80-120A max. You can do serious mountain climbing with 150A cont

as others have said just bypass the bms for discharge, and you need insanely thick wires to do 200+A

ok so climbing will be more a then burnout.I climb a hill in that video and get stuck because low traction 4wd 9inch tires 1:5 180kv.I will probably push the limit seeing how steep it will climb.

You need to get a bluetooth module and track what you are pulling.

You can pull 150+ amps. My question is what battery are you using? Cause you need a monster to even do those kinds of amps without blowing shit up.

Ive seen videos of the same set up pull 120a bat with bt https://youtu.be/P_thNysQvNI im guessing this is a single vesc measuring.Ive talked to him and i have vesc to same current limits.It will be 12s16p or 18 however fitment goes samsung 25r.