12s to dual xt60 outputs

Guys built this today to join 3 4s lipos to run dual vesc hub motors. Im not sure if someone already has made this design but i couldnt find any compact adapter to get 3 4s in series to 12s

50v! What do you think?

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Very neat job ! Is the yellow stuff around the connectors heatshrink? It looks very tidy if it is !!!

It’s a 1/16" thick pla 3d print . I can post the .stl file if anyone needs it.

when it´s to thick, cut the connectors and solder the cables directly.

I dont understand what you mean. If you solder everything up directly how do you unplug and charge batteries.

aaaaalright i see, you charge them seperatly! Yep…then you have to go the big-connector way

Ideally I use these batteries on my drone and the skateboard. So unplugging is necessary.