12S vs 10S for new builders

Hi, I ordered my stuff for my first build today, but the last remaining variable for me is the battery. I’m not sure if I want to go with a 10s5p or a 12s4p. It’s going to be attached to dual 6374s from bkb and two focboxes. I’m leaning towards the 10s5p just because I’m afraid of frying the focboxes. I may be misunderstanding something but it seems that running a 12s4p battery on focboxes in foc is flirting with the limits of the capabilities of the ESC. I’d love to have something capable of that extra speed though. Am I analyzing this situation right?

12s is fine… this was my dilemma earlier in the year on my first build… i went 10s and it was great… then when I slapped in a 12s theres no way Im going back to 10 unless space is an issue or some other factor… the extra voltage is nice and as many have said, but doesn’t make sense till you have ridden both, 12s has less noticeable sag…

the bottom of a 12s charge rides like a 10s at 80% IMO


I would go 12s4p have both and from my opinion the 12s has a bit more kick and run dual Foxboxs and have not had any issues… you should check out @psychotiller for your battery uses 30Q and I have two and no issues… solid and when I compared pricing a very good deal.


Thanks for the input man! Any particular guides you used to make sure you didn’t fry the focbox? I’ve watched a few guides but nothin specifically for a 12s on a focbox. I’ve never programmed an ESC so its a bit freaky playing with that kinda fire your first time

Thanks man! Do you happen to know a guide or setting list to avoid frying the DRV?

i mean everyone is gonna have their fav settings… vesc tool is pretty easy to use and does all the work for you so i recommend it… off the top of my head on a 4p 30q i think i run

60, -60 on motors and 30, -10 on the battery

i have dual 6355 at 15/36 on 107 and its has great pull and speed… i had 18/36 and still great torque and top end was supposedly mid 40s mph but i dont have riding gear to test the limits but i do frequently ride in the 30+ range comfortably for sure

I think the DVR issue is when you go over 6000rpm…The settings I have used depend on the build however in general don’t go 60A battery and depending on motor 60A to 80A…

Alright so now I am leaning towards 12S, I’m gonna keep researching this DVR issue thing and hopefully I can find a guide on what the safe parameters to enter in the VESC program will be for my set up.

Make sure you know you are getting a quality battery with good cells and reputable BMS it is your power plant…and a quality product will perform well for a long time,one that is less quality you roll the dice, not to mention you could experience a fire department call not to scare you but in this case you really get what you pay for…the Enertion Focbox product is solid and used by thousands of riders…If you have time I would wait for the Unity controller as Jeff @Deodand is an amazing engineer and do a little research and I think you will agree.

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The problem is not the erpm. Focbox can handle save 100000. The problem is that voltage spikes can occur which could exceed 60V more easy with 50,4v instead of 42v. This voltage spikes will fry you esc sooner or later.


10S if u want to be safe.

12S if u wanna push it and go faster.

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Not to throw a wrench in your progress deciding, but BKB has an 11s too. Middle ground of 12s and 10s, goldilox zone if you want it.

Fair enough, but I have full gear and a smooth, straight path to unleash this thing on. I just want to know if there’s a way I can do 12s and 6374 motors without risking the destruction of my focbox, and if so what those settings are

Many people (myself included) run 12S on Focboxes with no problems. Some have even run 13S with no problems. IMO keep the motor amps to 60A, maybe lower depending on your motors and the temperatures they are reaching, braking amps the same (I use -40A since I prefer it). Battery amps depend on your battery (and BMS if you discharge through it). I use 40A per esc. Battery regen -10A but you can go a lot higher since it will probably never happen and if it does it will be for such a short period of time and will not harm your battery. That said I can understand the point of view of people that believe that a bigger safety factor should be employed and that 12S is close to the 60V max of the Focbox. However empirical evidence says you are more likely to destroy your Focbox through some sort of user error than 12S.


What he :point_up: said :sweat_smile: A lot of people run 12s on focboxes. Just be sure there is a risk that you fry them sooner or later. The settings not causing the voltage spikes. Long and too slim cables more a reason for it.


I was also under the impression that 12s is risky. My last build was 10s had no issues for over 1000km but friend’s using 12s had some minor issues. 12s and Foc seems to be what is causing issues for most. 12s and Bldc seems safer from what I understand. I don’t want any problems so i went with 10s again since it worked great last time :+1:

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People have utilized the power of 12S on the old Vescs, just saying.

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Yeah I run 12s on Torqueboards vescs and it runs fine, no issues. I do have an extended capacitor bank of something like 13000uf, which helps reduce voltage spikes. I also run 58k erpm limit and only 45, -45 motor amps and 30, -5 battery amps. I am a light rider and have a high gear ratio so I get good torque even with low settings


Planning a very similar build, how many kv are your motors?

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190 kv. Here are my motors in case you’re looking for some. Seems like a great deal. https://buildkitboards.com/collections/black-friday/products/6374-190kv-motor