12S vs 10S for new builders

I was hoping to use FOC, I could be wrong but I read somewhere that I cant set an ERPM limit. Could be that I have to compromise, either FOC or 12S but not both.

If your build is set up correctly then you don’t need an ERPM limit. I run 12s 6374 149kv I think and I don’t need an ERPM limit on foc

Well I plan on having pretty short cables and just connecting everything together on the back end of a long single enclosure that I’m buying from psychotiller, and I’m gonna use the BKB antispark switch. Any tips on pitfalls to avoid to make sure this is set up correctly?

I’m thinking I’ll go with:

Motor Max 80A Motor Min -65A Battery Max 40A Battery Min -20A

Focboxes do not fry at 12s, the 12s fear is part of the past, only Chinese ESCs are prone to fail on 12s

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whats the difference between 12s and 10s with faster pulley gearing?

is 12s just higher speed?

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12S is best! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


12s will be faster and have more torque

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its the extra voltage… its like a small turbo vs 10s =)


is running 12s at 80% top speed (or whatever it is to make it equivalent top speed of 10s), more, less, equal efficiency than running 10s?

Will the battery life last longer or shorter or negligible? (assuming all else equal. 12s4p vs 10s5p)

I always thought 10s5p would get more range, but if i never max out the throttle, might as well go 12s for the rare times I need it?

i have a 8s2p 2600ma 5C li ion battery pack.i want to configure my vesk. what i fill in the Max amper blanket?

Wh is Wh so as long as your setup keeps similar efficiency, your range will be the same.

But at 12S you might draw more power easily if you use the same VESC settings (batt max motor max etc)

I also must say that 10S is more than enough for a first build. The performance you can get from 10s is not bad, sure 12s may be better but honestly when can you use that power to its full potential? On my previous build i used a 10s4p and had it setup to draw 60A motormax and 30A batterymax and the performance on 90mm wheels with 16/36 gearing was great…topspeed was 46km/h When i tried 80/40 on the settings it was crazy fast.

The majority of my friends had issues with 12s sure it may be user error and such but we use almost the exact same settings and i had no problems on 10s and they had a fair bit.

This is a acceleration test from 2km/h to 46km/h on my previous build with dual 6355 just to give you an idea of the performance. (settings on the focboxes 60/30A)


I’m also curious about 12s. On my first build I went 9s Lipo then eventually went with 30q 10s4p. I like it, rode a friends kaly board that’s 12s and OMG I feel in love. Just finished a 12s6p, almost done with a emtb project just waiting on enclosure to finish. Looking forward to 12s :blush:

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If you keep the same amount or parallel cells, the only difference would be more capacity in Whr on the 12s

Our best comparison is Watt hours. 10s5p= 36V, 15000mAh, 540Wh nominal 12s4p= 43.2V, 12000mAh, 518Wh nominal Assuming 30q batts. Formula is (mAh)×(V)÷1000=(Wh) My opinion, 12s is more FUN.

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12S Will give you greater benefit on bigger wheels such a pneus. You’ll need every bit of extra power you can get. For a normal streetbuild with smaller wheels 10s is enough. 12S with dual 6374 on 80mm wheels is scary if u ask me…Rides well on my trampa with pneus however.

For a given setup, 12S will generally generate less heat(losses) than a 10S setup. It’s not alot, but its there. A factor most dont think about.

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I’m running dual 200KV 6374’s 10s4p with 16/38 on boa’s with pretty high settings and it’ll put you on your ass if your not careful. The same with my 16/62 on trampa 6.5’s. Never tried my caguamas though.

Less heat with 12s is not my experience, I read it on here all the time but my friends running 12s has substantially higher heat than me running 10s on same settings. I’m confused :weary:

Interesting, conversation.

I’m upgrading from LIPOs to Li-Ion, I’m thinking going 10S4P. I have dual 6354 190KV, 15 teeth motor pulley and 36 teeth in wheels. 90mm wheels and weigh about 90KG. Street riding with some hills but nothing extreme. How many miles can I expect in range??

Maybe I will go 12S4P or even 10S5P. But if I can get 15 miles in 10S4P I’m happy.

It depends on more than 12S, gearing ratio and kv on motor plays a big part as well. They prob have less ratio and/or higher kv then