12s vs 13s with dual 6374

Hi, I am slowly collecting the parts for my new build which will include the focbox unity and 6374 150kv with street and offroad setups, but was wondering if I should go for “only” 12s4p or run the extra mile of running 13s4p (and no I won’t go with 10s as the difference is really noticeable between 10s and 12s) and also space isn’t a problem as I’ll only be adding 4 extra batteries. I saw a lot of build that run 13s on a Focbox without a problem but didn’t see a fair comparison between 12s and 13s. What are ur thoughts?

You’re definitely taking on more risk with 13s. If you’re confident in how solid your electrical system is and you can tolerate some risk, go for it.

But if 12s speed is enough, stay 12s.


13s is legit when it works. I ran 13s for a while with no issues whatsoever. One of my buddies had nothing but bad luck with his 13s build on focboxes. say if you’re not planning on drag racing your board I’d stick to 12s if I were you.


I’ve had no problems with 13s5p on dual focboxes, go for it


If you dont need it now, just wait a few month with buying a motor controller if you want 13s…


And you’ll leave us with only that? :yum:


I mean not to take anything away from @mackann but @shaman is making a 20s 150a constant ESC that looks to take the same space as an old 4.12 with caps.