12s2p -> two vesc's vs 2x 12s1p

Just a quick question, which setup would be best to power dual vesc’s.

the standard approch would be to have each vesc on its own 12s 8ah loop. but would it be possible to have two vescs on a single 16ah battery loop - my thinking is that it might be able to decrease the ammount of voltage sag because of the extra amperage output of a single loop over two loops.

Currently I have 4x 6s 8Ah 15c graphene lipo batteries. which setup would you reccomend. (Vesc’s are FocBox, and are going onto 192Kv motors onto a MTB)

The standard would be to put 2 Vescs in parallel to one 12s2p battery. Having each Vesc on a separate 12s1p battery would be non standard.

And putting those batteries in parallel will reduce voltage sag.


cheers, I guess I got my information mixed up. Thanks for the help!!!

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