12s3p, 10s3p 18650 Battery Pack

I am thinking about building a 18650 battery pack. The only problem is, that I want rather a small pack. Probably 10s3p LG hg2 or 12s3p LG He4. Since the LG hg2 has a bigger capacity, it might get warm while riding steep hills on a 2x 6355 mators and 220lb driver.

Is that really a problem? Will the 12s3p LG he4 be a better option? Or should I just forget that and build a 10s4p battery pack?

Samsung 30Q cells significantly outperform both the hg2 and he4. I wouldn’t recommend the LG cells if you can get 30Qs.

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only 15a cell… I definitely need 20a cells

Go to http://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/Common18650comparator.php and compare them. Even at 20A, the 30Q provides better voltage across the entire discharge curve.

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They are rated at 15 but outperform at 20a every other cell currently available. Search the threads for 30q and you’ll see.


they can do 20A per cells with no problem, Samsung is known to underrate their cells for some reason