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12s3p dexter pack spark charging port

i bought dexter 12s3p pack from a guy in canada. came with 4a fast charger. (was a great deal). it should be one of the first packs because comes with blue heat shrink. first problem the charger have the wrong plug on the end (xt60 female) the guy told me it came like that when he bought it. can i simply solder one of this, ( positive/positive and negative/negative and should be good to go? now the major problem. i was checking the voltage with multimiter on the battery connector and for some stupid reason i touch the charging port with the positive and negative tips and was a nasty spark!! (it what happens when you don’t what you are doing). the pack is still working, goes on and off normally, the lcd is working showing 76%. and my motor runs powerfully. i check the voltage again and is still showing 46v like it was before the spark. i don’t know if the charging port is working or not, i got the wrong plug on the charger. do you think the bms is still good? what do you guys would do? attempt to charge it and see what appends? would you open um the pack to check how is it inside? i will post my build after fix the pack…

Tell me what you guys would do in this case to check if the pack is still good.


I’m sure your pack is fine. Bms is probably fine as well. You should switch out for the proper plug and give it a charge.

I remove the heat shrink close the charging port and this is how it looks after spark.

I hope so @psychotiller. So i will solder this connector like i said an give it a try. At least Inside the pack nothing looks burnt. Only the charge port like i show you on the image above.

Looks like you shorted it, perhaps when trying to plug in the connector?

You just need to change the port to a DC barrel jack type port instead of the XT60 plug.

I solder thw dc barrel jack and the battery is not working. The charger have a green led when you plug it to the wall. The light should turn red when you plug on battery right? @torqueboards are you using the same battery? I will try to replace the charging port. Anyone knows where i can get similar charge port? On of those will work?

and if it was a xt60 as a charging port? should work?

I have the same battery from DIY and I’ve had the same issue charging it. Both battery and charger are female xt60. I’ve also tried charging with space cell charger via the charge port…didn’t work. @torqueboards shouldn’t the barrel charger from space cell charge this? The voltage display lights up green when plugged in, but nothing else happens.

exactly!!! i have the same issue. i will try to replace the charging port and the charger plug. do you have the same fast charger as mine?

Hey guys… Let me double check and I’ll get back to you guys.

Sorry for these issues. You can charge from the discharge port but who in the right mind would want to do that!

Just used it for the first time last week end…battery worked great, but then nothing on the recharge. Appreciate you looking into it.

yep, same silver transformer box.

You can use this item here -

  • positive /red wire solder onto tip
  • negative/black wire solder onto Sleeve
  • add heatshrink to prevent a short.

Thanks @torqueboards i will try it and see how it works. @Adam0311 if you try it let me know.