12s3p or 12s4p Li-Ion battery 18650 wiring diagram anyone?

Hello everyone

I’ve been trying to figure out how i should wire my 18650 batteries together to make a 12s3p configuration. the only problem is i cannot find any info on how to wire the balance leads or how to group the cells/determine where the pos/neg sides get soldered to. every video or instruction is either a ebike battery or not 12s3p or even 12s4p and its hard to tell where the person is soldering what to when they are making an ebike battery. can someone help out with a diagram as to where to wire/solder and orientate the pos and neg correctly. i understand how to put the BMS together but not how to organize the cells in a flat manner, then solder.

thanks ahead of time!!!

Does this help?


This was posted here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/beautiful-diagrams-no-words-just-pics/3179


Here you go, it’s a 10s4p but you would get the idea , I searched all diagrams and I had to do mine at the end, no diagram was complete.


@Eboosted good day I am very new I am trying to make a electric skateboard,in the diagram you post there fuse at the charging port and the vesc I think it’s a good idea for a new comer,anyway do you have any idea what volt fuse would be best I am using dual vesc

Use 60A fuse

Can I use this schematic to run dual motors on 4 (3S1P) batteries?

I suggest you use at leadlst 12s2p, 12s1p will sag pretty bad

But maybe there is way to connect 3S1P batteries to get 12S2P ?

Make a 18650 battery pack from 18659 cells

Okey, other question;

I already have 4(!) batteries, each 3S1P (zippy flightmax) for dual motors and VESC. May be you can suggest how should i connect them and can i use bms for charging?