12s4p @ 8amp charging

Hello as the title says im wondering if i can use an 8amp charger for a 12s4p battery and if it will eb safe to do so. i was originally going to use it with a 12s10p pack but circumstances have changed and i have the charger first before i got the chance to order the cells. so im now looking at doing a 12s4p pack for a Trampa board under mount for street use. my main question is will 8amp be safe to use with a 12s4p pack. (BMS is rated for 15 amp charge only) 30Q cells are the choice

According to the specs, standard charge for 4p of 30Q is 6A and rapid charge 16A so I see no problem.


The cells and BMS will be fine with 8A.

Keep in mind though that most barrel plugs are rated at 5A .


I’ll be using this charger 50.4v 8amp IMG_20190427_180609

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Monitor the pack temperature.

Rather than only looking at the datasheet’s “max charging current” I would also recommend looking at the “working charging temperature” and staying within that temperature range.