12S4P battery build help

Hey everyone! I finally got my enclosure for my 12S4P in a Loaded Vanguard deck. Pretty stoked to drop 48 Samsung 30Q cells into my board.


I started to glue together a 10S2P pack and was about to weld using my new Sunkko 220v spot welder when I saw a few posts…

… they seem to have the batteries in a different layout configuration. So now I’m wondering, am I doing this right? This is ultimately going to power a Foxbox Unity. Let me know if I forgot something.

Perhaps @Eboosted can advise on the layout.

I’m sure he’ll say it needs to look like this: 7pvw6H9

I’m just trying to figure out the layout as far as cell polarity.


There is no fishpaper :scream: nowhere :scream:


This layout is correct. you should be matching 4 negative terminals together at a time, not staggered like above… Pls see 2 second example below.


Ok cool. Seems like what everybody else is doing so I’ll do that. Would my approach have gotten me stuck at some point or had too little amp draw? I am just wondering the difference?

Hey @tkc did you check out this thread? Lots of tips in there.

Also make sure to insulate between the P-groups.

Like @lrdesigns says. Insulate between the p groups. Looking very carefully at the built packs above there does seem to be fish paper in-between the groups. 39


You were building a 2p pack based on first picture so unless you had some creative way combining the other half… :wink:

I was making two rows of 12S2P to put in that enclosure. That would be one row with 24 cells.

@Andy87 reason I said eboosted packs have no fish paper

Because you have bad eyes or he really doesn’t use?


No…if you u want double stack 2 wide…its 2 packs of 6s4p… Start with yur parallel groups then series…

IDK even know anymore

Yes there is, you have fish paper between pgroups, fish paper between balancing wires and battery and fish paper between the left and right hemisfere of the battery.

So it’s pretty safe


@bigben, yes there is fish paper between pgroups, if you look closer you will see it :slight_smile:

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I blew the picture up above and you can see the fish paper!

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I was referring to this picture @Eboosted image

Not to any of your packs :wink: If you find there fishpaper than I have pretty bad eyes :tipping_hand_man:

Edit: I see now from where the confusion is coming :sweat_smile: but my post is a reply to the OP not to the comment before.


Yes, that is really dangerous. A fire will occur definitely sometime in the future if it ever hit the roads.

Hope OP hear us


…and believe me, @Eboosted knows what is to lose a build due to battery fire (sorry Alan, I know this maybe painfull for you to watch, but these boys need to see what dangers they are facing) …