12s4p Battery for Sale

Customer backed out his loss your gain. Comes with 120s switch, 80A fuse, Bms and 2 A charger flat or double stacked you choose. Bms is Supower SP-B-P12S30A (charge only) Free prototype enclosure if you pick flat. Lg he2 2500mah 20A discharge. 375$ Message me if you want it at this price it is NEW and the price is firm.


that’s terrible (that he backed out, battery sounds nice)! did you make him pay before buying the cells?

He lost his 50$ down.

I can vouge for @bimmer. Great communication and reliable for batteries

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This is a great deal for someone looking to upgrade from 10s…could you please post some pics with the enclosure?

Like I said it still needs to be made…Bms will sit in the middle.

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Just a tip, It would help to include the brand and specs of the bms. And if it’s will be charge only or charge/discharge.

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I’ve updated it.

Where in the world is this?

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Arizona usa

Well guys it sold and this was the final product.


Damn, Congrats to the buyer. Any chance on selling one of the other enclosures? Those are really nice, reminds me of the spacecell

Yeah I just finished a proper oven for the Vacuum former.

If you need one let me know and I’ll make shape.

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Hello, I am looking for a New battery for my Kaly. Is this battery still available? Thanks

The battery from 2 years ago!?!?

Apologies. My mistake