12s4p battery looking to buy

Does anyone by a chance have a12s4p with charger and enclosure maybey

Where you from? US or EU or other?

the united states of america

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I have a 12s5p 30q with charger and enclosure. $500


@Harpsaco I’d get @psychotiller’s pack. He’ll take care of you and its undeniable quality packs so it’ll save you alot of trouble down the road

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Wish i could send you one too @Wraith I have 2 of them. But alas, you are overseas…won’t fit in your hummie deck though.

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Damn. Yeah one of the biggest downsides of living this far away. Been thinking of a small commuter board maybe sometime next year too :sweat: Appreciate it though! plus I’d still buy your other stuff lol


Than take the offer from @psychotiller :sweat_smile::ok_hand:


If you want 12s4p

I can also let you pick from 4 different bms (two of them are still in the mail from bestech). Three of them are charge only and would come with a antispark switch. The one in the pics that is currently on it is a bestech and has a built in switch. The ones that are in the mail on the way here are micro bms so they will likely be ok for space.

That all being said, if your wanting a 12s5p then @psychotiller is your guy. I’ve bought from him on several occasions and he’s very reliable.

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:disappointed_relieved: it will fit in the hummie. Just no room for vesc. That was my plan… lol


Who needs stinkin motor controllers. :kissing_heart:


What’s the measurements

I have a Tb 12s4p in a custom enclosure with a bypassed bms and an eswitch if you’re interested. Only a couple cycles on it.

whats the cost

I got mine from @hyperIon2 over at https://hyper-ion-systems.myshopify.com/. So far it’s been holding up great! You should be able to get a 30q 12s4p with the vedder anti-spark switch for around $440 or so. Great customer service over there too!


I know I already mentioned this above but I figured it’s worth saying

I lowered the cost of this and you can choose from a variety of bms to meet your size requirements if your still looking. It’s a quality built battery. Read the update on post 8