12S4P Battery Pack With PCB

So im starting to build my battery pack, gonna use Samsung 30Q cells (48 of them). I’m making this post to get some more info/tips of other people who have build some. I already got my parallel packs glued with hot glue, but maybe need to reinforce it more? More glue or silicone maybe?

Also gonna wrap the positive side with fishpaper and then glue the PCB on (Hot glue or silicone?)

IMG_3432 IMG_3433 IMG_3434 43EF994A-EDAC-4EBF-94F1-95037C6E01C0

And for my 12S layout i was thinking this would be the best for my deck. Whit tape is copper flex wire and the + and - terminal are on the right. (placement for the pack will be more to the front, unity and BMS will be in the back.

IMG_3425 59

So if anyone have some pics/info would help allot! Wanna make sure the pack will be good build.


Hot glue works and is in many packs. Don’t use a ton, it sucks to pull it off if you need to.

Silicone glue has the benefit of not exposing cells to heat and will also not melt if back gets too hot. It ultimately has better wear properties.

A patient purists would pick silicone. I plan to use hot glue.


Should i use silicone to glue the PCB to the cells? To maybe get the benefit of both?

silicon is actually sometimes too flexible for stiff packs

If you are going to go the cost and time of using pcbs, continue this attention to detail and use a non acidic cure silicone.

I forget that preferred type, but it won’t have acetic acid in it. I’ve read can corrode circuitry.

I like your plan, looks very clean. I would recommend extra insulation in between cells. specifically on the positive end of the cells here:


it does not matter there, it only matters between every p group, if the negative shorts in parallel nothing will happen


It does matter. It can short on the can of the cell next to it.

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yeah and it wont matter cause the negatives are connected anyways :grinning:




it only matters when a negative from another p group shorts with the p group next to it


False information.

not. if a negative touches another negative in the same p group nothing will happen if the cells are connected in paralell

if you think about it, the bottem terminal is techinically the whole can


Dude. It shorts that individual cell. I know for a fact. I have burnt cells to prove it.

it wont short thats the thing cause the bottem terminal is the can and your connecting it in paralell :rofl:


You always want to build a flexy pack. Even if it’s a stiff deck. Some kind of flex as min between the p groups is more than healthy.

You clearly don’t get it. Keep giving dangerous advice though, hopefully you feel good about it.



and now i have to rewrap two cells


@AlanZhou, in his defense, on the positive end, you could have part of the adjacent negative can slide out and get crushed into the positive top, but If youre pack has shifted this much, you board has had a real bad day.


fair enough, but hes thinking that if the can touches in paralell the battery will short but in fact it wont as shown by my demonstration