12s4p battery purchase

where can I buy a cheap 12s4p battery?

A. Where B. Define “cheap” C. Use the search feature



idk, i wanted a 12s4p battery under $350

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though 2s lower, this is probably one of the better deals you’ll find.


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Ignore you are based in the Eu go to @Tinp123

He is a great battery seller and can also make enclosures

I don’t think you can find a good 12s4p under $400


Not really a good price its just welded cells theres no BMS.

A good price for a 12s4p 30q built is $400. GL finding a good battery under thar price.

A $7.5 cell price point isn’t bad for a ready made pack of 30Q, BMS’s aren’t too pricey. That said, I can make my own for half the cost.

Mine came out to around 420. The labor itself was only 130… everything else was the cost of materials… batteries, wires, nickel strips, pcb’s, fishpaper, heat shrink, connectors, and lets not forget a bms

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…most likely this one (30Q cells)… $375


i can build you one with a charge only bms for $400 shipped with a week of lead time

@Tinp123 built me a 12s5p for 350 euro so a 12s4p will be probably 300 euro so 334$

I would bet quite a bit that thats just a redressed Matrix battery pack. I would buy it directly from Matrix if possible. Its likely going to take longer to arrive… but If you can save a few bones and cut out the middle man :man_shrugging:

Choices. The man asked cheap… :man_shrugging:


what?? 12s5p for 350? What cells?

Yes 30q cells with bestech charge and discharge bms for 350€

He is an amazing seller with amazing prices

Also he can build enclosures and he printed some pulleys for me

Here I send his thread

(Look at bottom of first post)