12s4p build using nickel belt..should i double layer?

gonna do my 2nd official battery build this time with 30Qs I have. I also have this nickel belt laying around from the first build… since i can push more amps with a 30Q is one layer enough or should i double up? specs are 7mm x .15 with the cross sections at like 5mm


I also have some 8mm x .15 strip i could lay down at select points if thats even a thing…https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Ni-Plated-Nickel-Strip-Tape-1M-8mm-x-0-15-For-Li-18650-Battery-Spot-Welding/32846731069.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dWCp0RA

thoughts? thx

I would recommend at least 2 layers. .15 is usually good for about 15-20 amps. If you double up. Make sure to set your battery max to 40 so you don’t overdraw the battery.

yeah but at 4p a 30q is rated to do a solid 60 and 80amps for those feeling crazy…

Then you may want to consider using 3 or 4 strips. I have found it a pain in the ass though to spot weld 3 strips thick.

Triple it more wont hurt

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I have a secondary question… Not sure if I should start another topic.but.will try here first…

So if more nickel across the series connect helps push more amps how does this change, if at all, when making parallel blocks of 4 vs a row in parallel? That make sense?

Cuz really in blocks of 4 whether its belt or strip the 2 inner cells on each side get the main series connect…

Look for cell level fusing it’s a good approach. You can use only single layer if nickel strip welder to the terminal. Bend that over the edges and solder them on a chopper bar or wire. It will safe you from Layer up the nickel and in case one cell short the nickle can burn through. That it’s functioning you should use not bigger than 6mm .1mm nickle on the positive terminal. It’s like Tesla make there batteries. Guess only with thin wires instead of nickle


Like this. Instead of pcb you can use copper bars too. Just make sure to add a fish paper layer between battery and the chopper bar