12s4p EVO falcon First Build

Hello, I want to build my first electric skateboard. I am planning on making a TorqueBoards PRO3 conversion kit, except not using the belt drive system and using the new TB direct drive 75kv option with the 110mm wheels and Kegel adapters. I am planning on using the landyachtz evo falcon 36” as a deck and since the Tb 12s4p battery enclosure isn’t pretty, I was considering this: https://www.eboardsperu.com/product/landyachtz-evo-falcon-enclosure/

because it is much better looking, however, from looking at the depth of the case I am not certain the huge battery will fit. Also, what is the real life range of the 12s4p battery?

Please keep in mind that I am completely new to DIY and am getting parts from Tb because I know they are quality and will all fit together. I am getting the TB12s4p battery because I don’t want to have to do any more wiring than needed. Because of the built in on/off switch and % reader. Can someone also briefly explain what the xt90 connector does also the CAN BUS connector. I have done loads on research and think my build is really solid, what do you guys think??

What I mean by the PRO3 conversion kit without the belt drive system is, by buying all the parts in the conversion kit separately except all the motors and stuff used for a belt drive set up. No pulleys, gears, belts and all that!!

No sure if that battery from torque boards would fit but you could always just get @eboosted to make you your battery. As for range a 12s4p of 30q cells is 518.4 watt hours so depending on your weight and how aggressively you ride you could get up to 40 miles out it if you are just cruising and on flats. Since you will be using urethane (at least I’m assuming since it’s a direct drive) you should get 20 or more miles easily even if you ride somewhat fast.

Tb battery is double stack I believe so you would need a double stack enclosure. Not sure if Alan makes a double for the falcon though so maybe buy the battery and enclosure from @Eboosted.
As for the rest its a good place to start the addiction. Kits are a great way to get familiar with the components and how they go together without the headaches.

10s5p fits along with two FocBoxes, but it’s really tight. No space for anything else really.

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Yeah, not 100% sure but don’t think I’d ruin @Eboosted enclosure trying to fit our battery in it. :smile:

Our battery comes with an enclosure but Evo Falcon Enclosure would be amazing but typically you’ll need to build a custom battery for it.


Unfortunately no, the Falcon enclosure comes only in SS (single stack), but there is some reasoning behind it, if you’ve chosen the falcon it’s because the weight/size/portability is important for you, so a double stack would be counterproductive. If you need a really big range then there’s the full size Evo where you can choose a SS which is also bigger than the SS on the Falcon or a DS of you plan to ride ridiculous amount of miles everyday until your shoes are waisted :athletic_shoe:


What is the range of the 10s5p??, thanks for your suggestion!

My two favourite people in the same thread.

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do you know of a battery pack that could fit in this enclosure with ~30km of range (~19miles). I am using the Tb vecs not the focboxes. I also heard you make batteries as well, would it be possible to make a battery that has ~30km range with a built in % moniter, charging port, BMS that also fits in the enclosure. Because this is the reason i went with TB, I don’t need to worry about all the battery charging and all. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to much to have the DS Tb enclosure and battery?

Or is it to good to be true?!

@Eboosted, would the TB 12s4p battery fit inside the Landyatchz 39" enclosure?

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Send me the meassures and I’ll look tomorrow

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With Samsung 30q, the range is generally around one km per battery cell, i.e. 50 km for 10s5p. It’s of course highly variable depending on the rider weight, riding style, hills, etc. YMMV.

With that particular enclosure, 10s4p would fit nicely and should still give you the range you’re looking for.

No it won’t in the ss version. That battery is 46mm thick. Judging by what you are saying you will probably be better off with the 39 and not the falcon. I have a 12s 4p in mine with a 100 amp bms and 2 focboxes. Fits fine. Looks like this IMG_1021 IMG_1053 Pretty girl


Just a note to your self. I have been building these things for a couple of years now and before I embarked on this build I read everything that had evo in the title on here. I suggest you do the same. Thats why we post these build threads in the first place. Thats the whole point of this forum. Its a resource use it.

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Just for reference, this is my complete torqueboards evo falcon build with 12s4p. Not on that route anymore but for a first build it was just convenient and fun.

20180804_002837 20180707_022730 20180707_022553


Looks great! What are you using now, and why don’t you use it?


versatility is endless; this particular 10S4P Evo Falcon has the new Haggy system here, just waiting for assembly:


@riverside.rider’s kit is very nice; I’ll post the build as soon as I find a local builder to hire (left wrist fractured in two places) :wink:


Lovely…and these yummy grapes will surely make a tasty wine? Looking forward to seeing your finished build!