12s4p on dual vescs setup

hey guys im building my own eboard but this time with vescs 4.12 i have done one before but when i ride it the motors get hot and the vescs also i burned them

can anyone help me with configure my new vescs ? i have , 12s 8.8mAh battery max discharge current 158,4

270kv each 1400watt motors dual 2800watt can anyone please help me configure the vescs ??

That is a high KV for 12s

Yup motor kv is insanely high for 12s highest I’ve ever seen anyone run a 12s is with a 190kv and even then you might hit the erpm limits.

Yes that’s right but those are the motors I got Can’t I configure it with a vesc ?

VESC doesn’t change motor mechanical properties :wink:

Yes but I want to know how many amps should I give the motor ?

Amperage will not change the fact your motors will spin too fast and with little torque to do anything much…

Yes I know that but I mean how much amps should I give the motors so they doesn’t get hot or over current I know the kv is too high and they would spin so fast but It’s okay for me I want them to work for now then I can get others next month

I think what the other guys are saying is that the main problem with such high kv you will pass the 60000erpm limit on the VESC http://calc.esk8.today/ As result you will fry your vesc. The vesc as the feature to limit the max erpm number. I would enable this function but since you will limit the spin of your motor you are going to use them with a reduced performance.


@moderators Doesn’t Foc-mode not have Erpm? or are there more factors to considered like RPM?

Ahh okay wow then that’s why my old two vescs burned Then I should get other motors with a lower kv ?

yes, that’s probably why. 170-190KV are perfect for 12s use the calculator to see if you are within the 60000erpm http://calc.esk8.today/

oh yes true its 83916 erpm

thank you

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You are welcome…with dual 170KV motor you will have an insane torque, go for 6355 or 6374 (if you want to fly :smile: )

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I see you are using 4.12 VESC so if it is not FOCBOX probably is TB or Maytech. Since for such high discharge current you are running LiPo, remember to set the battery max on each vesc not higher of 30A if you are using these types of VESC. Ah and do not run FOC with them. Motor max can be set at max current the motor can handle (you can find it on the motor datasheet)

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yes im using the 4,12 VESCS and lithium battery samsung cells

actually i dont want to fry two others vescs so imma put everything together when i buy the new motors hah vescs are really expensive dont want to burn them again :smile: haha

ah ok so you are using Liion battery. Then it’s more important the constant discharge current, because they are weaker than LiPo so it’s important to use high quality cells otherwise you will notice strong voltage sag. Good luck with your build and show us the result!

thank you so much for the help and of course i will post some pics when i finish it

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My pleasure

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