12s4p Pre Built Battery Pack Recommendations

Anyone have any recommendations for a pre built 12s4p battery pack? DIY has one for $545.00 with 30q, BMS, 4 amp charging, and a plastic enclosure. Also is there a big difference in upgrading from 25r cells to 30q? @MasterCho recommended Chiboards battery systems to me, with 30q BMS and 5 amp charging is $665.00. i was just wondering what all of my options are before i pull the trigger. I live in Florida, USA. Would love to hear your feedback thanks!

I almost bought that setup from diyelectric. It seems like a great ready made deal. It gets you everything you need good to go.

I decided to go diy in the end and purchased the cells to go either 12s5p or 6p. Purchased bms bestech from a groupbuy here. Got the charger from AliExpress. Got an enclosure from the flower shop which luckily fits the cells. Little bits like tin, from the Dutch eskate scene. Still need to sort the wires. Welding will be done by @laurnts who is kind enough to help there.

Its a bit cheaper this way and more fun since I’ll mostly do the work myself.

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yah i should of mentioned in the post that i have no experience with building batteries, and also brand new to building electric skateboards. i think that it would be a lot safer to go with a pre built battery pack system.

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I have zero experience in building battery packs myself. But after reading many hours I feel confident enough that I can do it with help from a local eskater.

It will also be a lot more fun this way if you like to diy.

i know i could do it if i did enough research and spent enough time, but for right now a pre built is the best option for me with budget.

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