12s4p single 190kv 6374

So im in the process of building my first electric board and was curious about a few things. what kind of range and speed should i expect with a 12s4p and a single 190kv 6374 (16/36 gearing) on 83mm wheels?

Also i weigh 130lbs. i know there isnt an exact number but im just wondering what i should expect.

with your weight you might just want 6355 with diff gearing :man_shrugging:

sounds good though, make sure to get good cells

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30 miles flats going fast

25 miles with hills going fast


I generally estimate 5-6 miles per P group

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My 12s4p build lasts about 23 miles with no hills going fast (new battery too)


hmmm i was hoping for a 25-30 mile range… maybe a 12s4p isnt the right one then…?

It depends on what cells are used, all cells have different capacities and discharge rates

I use Samsung 30Q cells, your best bet would be 12s5p

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Well the TB 12s4p uses 30Q’s… i would love to get a 12s5p but its out of my price range :confused: ive got $500 max to spend on a battery.

i could also build my own but i dont have the means or know how to do it…

Because you weigh less than me (I weigh 160) and because you only have 1 motor I think 12s4p would probably be fine. Why do you need the range? I think it should be plenty in most cases, especially if you have a fast charger.

I dont absolutely need that much range i just want the ability to go far if want to lol. im probably overthinking it, i’ll prob just get the 12s4p, like you say it should be more than enough.

thanks for the helping me make a decision!:grin:

be sure to get a fast charger tho, its totally worth it

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I definitely will, i have a skate shop like 10 miles away so if i go up in that area they’ll most likely let me charge up while im there so i can safely make it back home. and a fast charger would be a must for that.

how long would it take to charge a 12s4p from 30%-40% to 100% tho?

if you get that cheap 10$ 2a charger it charger 2amps per hour, if you get a 3a charger it charges 3a per hour, and so on. devide your battery Ah with charging amps and you will get the time from 0-100%

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