12s4p Tesla Flat Pack w/ LTT BMS For Sale

I have a 12s4p 2170 Tesla flat pack with LTT Bluetooth BMS up for sale! Hit me up if you like what you see! Looking to get about $500 USD. Pack has been ran and charged 3 times. Essentially brand new.

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What country are you inside of?

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US, Washington state

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No offense my guy, but a 12s4p tm3 cell pack with very mediocre build quality isn’t worth anywhere near that. Those cells were $2.25 each right before they sold out. A 12s8p tm3 pack I built for a kaly only cost me about $370 in parts. This should be selling for closer to $440. You’re charging skyart 12s4p p42a pricing for a significantly inferior pack.


Hit me up…I’ll take offers

Also, no offense my guy. But, try and get any good cells right now for $2.25. It is priced probably steep, but make some offers